The Three States

M: As soon as one knows that a mirage is a mirage, one gives it up as useless and does not run after it to get water.

Q: It is not so with the appearance of the world. Even after it is repeatedly declared to be false a person cannot avoid satisfying their wants from the world. How can the world be false?

M: It is like a person satisfying their dream wants by dream creations. There are objects, there are wants, and there are mutual satisfactions. The dream creations are as purposeful as the waking world and yet are not considered real. Thus we see that all these illustrations serve a purpose in establishing the stages of unreality. The realized sage finally declares that in the regenerate state, the Jagrat state is also real. Each illustration should be understood in its proper context; it should not be studied as an isolated statement. It is a link in a chain. The purpose of all these illustrations is to direct the seeker's mind towards the one Reality underlying them all.

From the book, "Conscious Immortality" by Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramiah, published by Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, South India. This book is now out of print and is not scheduled to be reprinted. For other books by or about Sri Ramana Maharshi and his teaching, please visit our web site bookstore: http://www.aham.com/bookstore/index.html

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