The Poet in us

The poet must not give up where others do. He must persist in his craft. He weaves the myths. The poet looks at the world and draws lessons from experience. Life is a treasure trove of secrets. But one must dig into the hearth of things to decipher the allure of the mystery. The mind is full of reason and fear. Reasonable fears must be given due respect.

The life that flows through you flows through me. The lessons I must learn are not necessarily the lessons you should seek. The stories that we tell - if they are good stories - must monitor the source of fears. They must unearth the potential that is yet to be harnessed. They must do it with compassion. Not every story fits all. But the universal experience is not to be lost. It is there in the consciousness and it has great things to teach. Quiet reflection on individual issues is equally essential for there to be self-understanding.

With attention there comes discernment and appreciation. With affection and interest there is the potential for insight and transformation. There is avaraciousness and hence a sense of lack in each one of us. How then can there be transcendence from these things? Transcendence is not avoidance, it is not denial, it is not brought about through adherence to cold rules but right principles.

The world is in the throws of great change. A global society is emerging and it brings many new challenges. Human beings who come to something new tend to overestimate their potential abilities and initial scope. Mastery of anything takes a long and arduous path. Of course there are exceptions. There are the born prodigy's of the world. And though they may be masters of a particular field - that does not mean that that does not produce a whole new set of challenges (e.g, pride, depression, impatience with others less gifted etc). Generally though, there is the challenge of being human in a cold world.

No matter how warm and loving our family is, no matter how successful our career and personal life....we must all confront our conscience and that takes guts. It is hard to see fear. It takes eagle-eyed attention.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is to come to the brink of tranformation with great sensitivity and order (it might be that you have come to crisis in some way - but without sensitivity and order there can be no inner transformation to emerge from crisis - which is what crisis is - ie a way nature has designed to help us see the limits of our own knowledge and hence specualate how to go beyond them without fear or harm being a consistent by-product of our lives). Generally, we lead sloppy, unfocused lives. If we do have focus - often it is self-centered and meaningless. The focus we choose must amount to something.

It must be the bright light of a better future. It must be something we are passionate about. It must not be forced or the source of pride - for clearly (from looking around the world we can deduce that) both will destroy us. Life without interest is like chocolate without taste; television without sound. A whole essential dimension is lost.

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