A few worthy aphorisms

Life begins when you have something to give.

The greatest thing in making the people joyous is that they encourage one another. Herein is found the best way of government: to lead the people joyously.
To be inwardly firm and outwardly gentle is the way of true joy.

There are no problems in life.

Humility starts small but knows no bounds.

Every failure to deal with a life situation signifies a restriction of consciousness.

To come upon that which is real is our function in life.

All visionaries in whichever field have pushed the edges of the possible by moving into and embracing the field of the impossible.

A story is a story – merely a window on to other worlds – it is not the actuality of those other worlds – merely a portrait.

The busier you are the lazier you are.

Those who wait get what those who hustle leave behind.

There is ambition and there is ambition.

You won’ t find her by looking.

The right atmosphere is key.

Justifications are never valid.

Anger is never justified.

All things are predetermined.

Free yourself from the spell of past attachment.

Follow your awareness through your tears to the place of certainty.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

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