Song of togetherness

Song of togetherness

Who am I? I am you.

I like to walk by the wooded stream in the spring.
I like to breathe the crisp morning air on the mountain path.
I like to celebrate the spirit of freedom.

I walk with you awhile.
you with me.
Along the beach, to the sound of the seabirds
And the sea.

I walk with you long miles.
hand in hand.
I hear you sing and proclaim the day.
Wake up God with a bell in the morning.
Sleep in silent knowledge.

I like to take a cup of water and bring it to my friend.
I like to share the best of myself.
This I wish for you.
Laughter and silence.

I walk in the shade of the summer sun.
I walk over the bridge in the fall as the leaves are wilting in glorious color,
I walk into winter happy in the cold;

Warmed by family.
I am grateful for the rising sun and the voices of friends.
I am grateful for the people love has sent me.

I see so many sad faces waiting to find their smile.
I look for that smile.
That I must do.

Who am I?
I am you.

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