The Modern Peace Warrior

To start anything the will must be activated. If we are to take action without an integrated heart our actions will be sloppy and ineffective. We need space in our lives to face ourselves in the mirror of circumstances and events.

The true warrior is he who is ready to sacrifice his life to a life of service and forgiveness. Forgiveness takes guts. It undoes the guilt and anger of the past and replaces it with clarity and gratefulness. It gives us a taste of our oneness.

In the whirlwind pressures of our age it takes determination to rise to a state where we can be of service to humanity. If we listen to the popular consciousness there are sparks of light and dignity – but there is also a great deal of the black smoke of ignorance. We fear too much and we question our fears too little. Very rarely does there emerge an original voice – a voice related to its own eternity. Most of us are too tied to our habits and illusions that we have not the space to question what eternity is!

The mind must be examined with the clarifying attention of meditation. Attention is essential. Where there is attention, there is the potential to learn. We have much to learn- but not in the way in which we have been conditioned to learn. .

Our airwaves are charged with violent imagery, with arguments and law suits. The world is weary and deadly. If we take the time to look into our hearts – we can find our true calling. Life begins when you have something to give.

We have been raised to worship the greedy gods of acquisitiveness and materialism. The more you have the better off you are. This logic is flawed. The truth is the more you give (attuned to life forces) the more you receive.

Abraham Lincoln once said that “The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.” If you travel the southern and eastern seaboard of China – in the cities at least, you will come across crowded high rises stretching out as far as the eye can see. The factory of our future world (China) is a sea of poverty (the rural poor in their millions) and modern skyscrapers vying for a seat at the top of the world’s food chain. Elsewhere in Asia the picture is often similar – and Russia and Brazil are racing forward at a dedicated pace to be powerful players in the new global elite. Regardless of where we live in the world, everyone is heading out to work each day to maximize the crop of their smallholding on their tiny plot of land – in whatever currency they deem valuable – whether it be learning or money or freedom of expression.

This is the challenge of the ordinary man; to make the most of his lot. Some rare individuals can be a President or a Pope – and many of them will come to their office weighed down and blighted by the vested interests of party politics and personal greed. Some will be beyond the nonsense of arguments. Men like Lincoln who stood for the Constitution and carried the torch of freedom forward amidst mayhem and injustice. Such men are rare. But we can all draw inspiration from them and look to see how we might implement the values and traits of great humanitarian voices in to our daily lives.

We must learn to celebrate the arts and start colleges of scientific healing. We must work with like-minded individuals in our community’s to help them see the beauty of their own light and potential. We must rekindle the art of self-reliance.

Ours is the age of the multi-national corporation. The political oligarchies and the multi-nationals are so powerful. But somehow man must find space away from the conflict and the self-destructive path of the ego to nurture his relationship with his spiritual center of attention. Do not say, “I cannot do it. There is not enough time.” The brain is a past-master of postponement and unwillingness. Finding order in thought is impossible. Order surfaces automatically when thought is hushed by attention. Then there is direct perception and empathy – then there is productivity and grace.

Lincoln found that kind of space. He watched and listened and learned from his times and from his fearlessness and deep compassion. To learn of love you must go out to greet it – you must teach it by infusing it in all that you do.

Reactive political activism is inevitable and wasteful in modern society. But civil disobedience carries the hall mark of wisdom and courage. We can shout all we want – but, as the sage speaks with a clear voice – so must we! – if our voice is to build conviction and confidence.

The dirty business of modern politics will go on and will improve and deteriorate as is the cyclic nature of evolutionary cycles. Yet the example of noble individuals will live forever. Nobility has its own resources, its own impeccability.

Honesty - honesty that is born of a responsible attitude and a state of inner consciousness that is steadfastly dedicated to the spirit is the only form of honesty that will last. Real honesty is allied with an awareness that is free of the sense of lack which betrays us all. It is most liberating.

So ask yourselves: Who am I? What does life want me to do? (is that not where your destiny is to be found?).

There are many ways to serve. But only when we come to what we do with joy in our hearts can we said to be wealthy or wise. Joy cannot be cultivated nor imitated. It must come from the wellspring of a disciplined attention to the life we are living. Are you all you could be? What prevents you from rising to greater heights?

It takes one acorn to start a forest. A million protestors can traipse down the streets of London or Washington – yet the wars go on. The seeds of action we plant as modern peace warriors should be effective and healing. There are many ways to meet our opponents (in truth there are no opponents - only brothers on the way to God) and go forward with them determined to bring peace and understanding amongst us. This is the creed of the peace warrior.

First, we must turn to prayer. Prayer never asks for anything. Real prayer is born out of gratefulness and selflessness. It does not carry the sense of limitation that fear leaves as its stamp. Real prayer is ever-expansive and profoundly powerful – in the hands of the disciplined mind. Real prayer happens when there awakens a sense of connection with our eternity; when there is space for silence and communion with spirit. In the hands of a Master, prayer is permanently being broadcast and replenished.

The spirit that infuses prayer guides us with care and certainty. It says: “In crisis, give, and through your giving the world will be sustained.” Coming to crisis is the beginning of calm. For when life is brought into question, meaning is only round the corner.

Do not deny your anger. But be more and more aware (or at least be open to the concept) that anger is never necessary. The religious life begins when you remember to laugh. That does not mean we allow ourselves to be trampled on. Dignity, humility and love have their own ways. Discover them.

A child said to me earlier today:

“A friend is leaving forever.”

Her friend was moving to another country. She was seven and she would probably never see her friend ever again. Live a life related to reverence and you will miss nothing or no one – for oneness and sacredness is in everything that you see and everywhere you go. Find the sacred heart in your worst enemies and the courage to rise above fear and you will be blessed with a life free of attachment and founded on love. Then how can you not be a peaceful warrior on the battlefield of sense perceptions and ego-illusions? Destroy the ego, and meet the divine in each one. Then there can the space to discover what is discrimination and right action.

Where there are alternatives to choose from there is inevitably confusion – there is not the attention of a mind that will not settle for second best. Rise to your highest potential and keep rising. Your limits are to be respected but pushed. Liberation demands it. And that is why the school at the branching of the road (where the ego is left) demands that you awaken dormant forces within and come to wholeness and integrated, meaningful focus. No one else is going to take responsibility for your life but yourself – ever! Will you have the inner urgency to change your lifestyle? to give space to what is important? to find time for reflective inquiry and intuitive attention? To live for humanity?

And how many different ways are there to live for humanity?...

As many as there are people. When there is clarity, there is no confusion; no alternatives. Just the right action to take. Each one of us must work to come to such a state of clarity, and help our brothers and sisters progress on their path to freedom. To communion with their source.

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