From "A Gift for all Mankind" by Tara Singh

""Your peace surrounds me, Father.
Where I go, your peace goes with me.
It sheds its light on everyone I meet.
I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid.
I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss,
or think they are bereft of hope and happiness."

From A Course in Miracles

Lesson 298 ACIM: I love You, Father and I love your Son.

We think we know what this means. But do we? Honesty is required to know the truth.
As long as we are content with just words - and most of us are - we will never know whether we really love.

We use the word "love" so frequently, but few of us have any notion of what it really is. Every single word - including the word "love" - is external to the actual state of love. Love is a state uncontaminated by words.

Love renews itself every second. How many billion breaths are taken every second! Can you sense the energy behind them? Every split second the planets are rotating. With what energy! Can you conceive of it? That is what love is: this kind of energy. The impact of this realization dissolves all words. It brings one to innocence, to the purity of a saint. And probably the saint alone has the right to use the word "love," and no one else."

Tara Singh

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