The body aging

The body aging

You, whom I love.
You are aging now.
And every day you count,
with gratefulness,
the leaves on the vine.

You, whom I love, you are growing now. tolerance and acceptance.
Growing in understanding like the heron,
poised stock still, watching the tumult of the river.
In perfect serenity.

Learning of the ways of the stream,
the eddies and the hidden life here.
The youngsters and the tears.
The king of fishers darting upstream.
Blue lotus jewels carry you, in your heart.

You, whom I love, are walking forth now.
Along country lanes in shadows and in dust.
The world is not a lasting home.
Heaven, the only place you'll ever roam.

I see you now striding up golden hills in the spring.
As a little girl on the farm.
young graduate on the thudding sidewalks of Manhattan.
young starlet unpacking in Hollywood.
college student in 60s London.
old friend on the glacier, never far.
schoolboy pal in the ways of the mind and the moss.
brother on the rooftops of Paris, strumming music from your fingertips.
my solace in the garden in Santa Monica.
aloneness on the Korean isle.
my father on the grass in the summertime.

Sitting their watching me, the babe.
Your eyes wide with the miraculous as I tug at the grass.
As my teacher...forever looking down at me.
Cloaked in infinite angels.

As my storyteller; you whom I love...
who wanders the mountain path;
who circles the pond at Walden.
my captain, who leads America forward united.
the soils of India
the wind that laps off the great oceans.
the unknown civilian.
peaceful warrior.
You my constant companion of many masks.

And down the centuries, and down the miles of the body aging,
across the swift naked seas,
I navigate myself amongst you...
And I neither hear nor hear not the whining masses.
Keenly am I aware.
My abode is in the midst of the screaming crowds.
I sit with you.

My love.
Silent, sunnied and sprightly.
I am youth united with my beloved.
Atop the white clouds.

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