The wisdom of a sage

Eternal words by Tara Singh to inspire those looking for insights in the modern age.

"A sense of helplessness surrounds us. Pressured by time and problems, we are ruled by insecurity and unfulfillment. Having already lost our work we are now subject to jobs. Thus we are false to ourselves. Imperceptibly, people everywhere are reduced to being mercenaries. Living by choices, they have lost the discrimination and wisdom to make their own decisions...

Wisdom is one's own; it is direct, not externally influenced. Its clarity is what it would take to see a fact as a fact...

The wise are self-reliant, they have discovered their intrinsic work and they have something of their own to give mankind."

On the subject of Self-Reliance he had this to say:

"Without the vitality of gratefulness no one can overcome the self-centered outlook of commercial life."

On the source of our problems - the mind - he offers a recognition of a fact - the solution coming from an awareness of what mind is:

"The very means by which we think is corrupt. And, within that corrupt framework, we want to have better thoughts. But "thoughts" cannot be better. They are always limited."

What is your contribution?
What does your gratefulness
share with you in the cool, whispered night?

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