What is Important?

Love is an awakening of spirit,
A bold light without a shadow;
A voice without bias;
The wisdom of the heart says:
“Above all else, nurture your urgency
For it’s subtle brilliance.”
Nothing else matters.
No thing.

What is important?

The sun rises in a city swollen with humanity.
I am a newcomer.
Part of me, it seems, like a doomed fly caught in amber.
Swallowed by the all consuming concrete,
Crushed by the toll of fancies and corruption,
And blinded by my own reactions,
I persevere.

Surrounded by the unchecked appetites of progress
I remember to speak the hidden language of the trees.
Amongst the traffic fumes and the ghostly bodies
I listen for the song of the warbler.

How to remain still?
How to be serious in a sea of change?
The dark, sacred night shares its essence
Like the outpouring of an intimate friend.
It offers libations to an unknown presence
Just as a delicate, solitary flower in an ancient wood
- seeking nothing in return -
Offers its unpronounced dignity to all who pass.
Its boasts a strength of purpose that can never be swayed by the wind.

As the world sleeps I watch my mood drifting; wandering; wondering…
I am denied rest by an ominous mystery:

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