Bury me

Bury me from head to toe
in the darkest of soil.
Let the warm acid peat engulf me.
Let me be taken into the womb
of the earth a happy corpse.

I come here not to make a stand.
Not to take anything.
I come to be still awhile.
With you.

We appear as strangers.
We appear at odds.
I come to look again.

I trust not these aging eyes
Nor the mind's sallowed vines
Their creeping limbs share only
a feast of poisoned wine.

I am faithful to the sun.
And blinded by the light.
I am poised
Close to the end of time
Reminding you we are lovers.

The fire of the heart engulfs...
The wisdom of the brave is here.
It is always here.

I hold you tight...
I know no borders.
We have no mountains to clmb.

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