Gate gate para gate... parasamgate. Bodhi Swaha

Gate gate para gate... parasamgate. Bodhi Swaha!!


The blind are having more and more problem in an increasingly digital society.
How easily we take our eyes for granted.
The dead are lucky.
The new born are lucky.
How quickly we forget our luck.
Beethoven couldn't hear anything but he produced some of the most remarkable music the world has ever known.
He did not believe in luck.
Belief does not know how to reckon with the immensity of an ocean
or the miracles of the seed.

Is it determination or dissatisfaction?

"Sirs, look, we never put the impossible question - we are always putting the question of what is possible. If you put an impossible question, your mind then has to find the answer in terms of the impossible - not of what is possible. All the great scientific discoveries are based on this, the impossible. It was impossible to go to the moon. But if you say, `It is possible' then you drop it. Because it was impossible, three hundred thousand people co-operated and worked at it, night and day - they put their mind to it and went to the moon. But we never put the impossible question! The impossible question is this: can the mind empty itself of the known? - itself, not you empty the mind. That is an impossible question. If you put it with tremendous earnestness, with seriousness, with passion, you'll find out. But if you say, `Oh, it is possible', then you are stuck."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Is it determination or dissatisfaction -ie total disgust with the world and your sordid little life - that finds you posing the impossible question with all your being?

Everyone is dying and everyone is full of sorrow. Especially those consumed by busy-ness (the truly productive are another category altogether). No one has thought to befriend death. No one has thought to look sadness in the eye. Everyone is trying to escape sadness. But no one can escape sadness. You can look it in the eye, confront it fully with all your heart. That is what the living do. They befriend death; they get to know death with intimacy and affection. And the look sadness in the eye without walking away. They look within and find all the misery in the world. They look within and they find all the light of heaven. They look within and nothing is lacking. They, and only they, have the opportunity to go beyond the pairs of opposites. There is no possible and no impossible.

Keys to the Kingdom

The wise are not always wise.
They make mistakes.
Falibility, temptation and misunderstanding must be kept in mind
for all.
Especially oneself.
Then anxiety will not be an issue.

What would you give?

I would give all the wealth of the world, and all the deeds of all the heroes, for one true vision.

Henry David Thoreau

Building something meaningful

If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What would it be to live a life without consequences?

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.

Norman Cousins


Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.

Lin Yutang

No desperation

It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

Henry David Thoreau

Whether I am afraid

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

Audre Lorde

Small piece of Land

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.

Abraham Lincoln


In times of change, it is the learners who will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists. ~ Anon ~

The wisdom of a sage

Eternal words by Tara Singh to inspire those looking for insights in the modern age.

"A sense of helplessness surrounds us. Pressured by time and problems, we are ruled by insecurity and unfulfillment. Having already lost our work we are now subject to jobs. Thus we are false to ourselves. Imperceptibly, people everywhere are reduced to being mercenaries. Living by choices, they have lost the discrimination and wisdom to make their own decisions...

Wisdom is one's own; it is direct, not externally influenced. Its clarity is what it would take to see a fact as a fact...

The wise are self-reliant, they have discovered their intrinsic work and they have something of their own to give mankind."

On the subject of Self-Reliance he had this to say:

"Without the vitality of gratefulness no one can overcome the self-centered outlook of commercial life."

On the source of our problems - the mind - he offers a recognition of a fact - the solution coming from an awareness of what mind is:

"The very means by which we think is corrupt. And, within that corrupt framework, we want to have better thoughts. But "thoughts" cannot be better. They are always limited."

What is your contribution?
What does your gratefulness
share with you in the cool, whispered night?


When you are completely angered and disillusioned with the world
and with that state of being within which causes guilt and suffering.
There is crisis.
And the light of eyes are no longer in control.
Then you move.
And things - important things.
Start to happen...

Knock on the door of the Way

In the middle of activity;
Striving for what is unseen.
Night has fallen;
Still so much unfinished.
Day is promised;
Still so much undiscovered.

Nothing remains that is binding.
Nothing remains that is liberating.
Only knowledge.
Unlearning the un-natural.
Learning to give without condition
In a sea of conditions.

With the death of the grip of thought
comes detachment.
And decisions not one's own.
Knock on the door of the Way
Discover it opens upon no path.
Tread gently guided by right principles...
What then can prevent union with our luminous heart?

Lyyic to build a song around

All the things that I hold dear seem to come without the fear of losing you

John Keats

"In spite of all,
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark spirits."


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing."

Abraham Lincoln

Poem by my Father - Homecoming


Like the sand-martins,
Burrowing into the womb
Of the high-cut bank,
I have come home.

Blue-flash flies
To Cluaine Meale,
The Port of Honey.

Hunting below the Suir,
Silver fry hatch
Of wary, speckled trout,
Finning the waters
Below otter’s spraint,
Left late last evening
When the heron flew
On muffled wing beat,
Silently to roost,
Back to dead tree spike
Spearing the cold night sky,
Planet plotted.

Warm is the peat turf hearth,
Fire’s glow.
Bright the unknown future
In dawn’s first light.

Curragh’s will sail again
On Immrama voyages,
Where salt waters
Girdled flow.

In memory of John “Jack” Curry, born Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, circa 1870, died Liverpool, circa 1964. John Curry. May 2002.

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing


I sat myself on a quai yesterday
As I watched the ships sail away
Some politician had passed a law
And we were heading out to war


Outside my room on the streets in the gloom
Aminor D
There are taboos on every corner
The judge is round the bend
The world seems at an end
All around there's talk of revolution
D Aminor
As madmen storm the night
C Aminor
They froth at the mouth - all bicker and bite
Their visions lost and the day is shot


If seeing is believing and I believe in what I see
Like lipstick on the lips of a fool
There's a world spinning out of control
Full of people dreaming to be free of the demon's running their lives
D Aminor C
in the name of selfish greed


When I think of nation states
And all those tired inflation rates
How the temperature is rising
D A minor
I see it plain. There's no lines dividing
D A minor
No more time for hiding
D A minor


Diving into the endless blue
A minor D minor
I catch the last rays of sun before the moon
A minor E minor
Love she corners me
D minor
Flaming haired and penniless broke
A minor
Dreams divided me until I woke
D A minor

Interlude - spanish guitar, indian vocals (ragas)


Now I am looking to the sky
D minor
Where the iron birds fly
A minor
And I think of you and all the things that make a day
Your life is cradled in my mind - precious like a child's find
D minor A minor


And in the silent world at the edge of the sea
D minor E
I'll love you unpressured like the day to the dawn
I'll find my need to matter
I'll find my voice to sing
Going to play music 'til I choke
(And) sing a lullaby of hope
D A minor E


The rivers are running on silence and rain
D minor A minor
Like the blood that flows in our veins
(So) next time we meet, give no reason to blame
D minor A minor
No lonely tears hungry for fame
Let's meet, king and queen of all we survey
Leavin behind our heart's dismay

Repeat verse 5

A Necklace of questions

Is there an end to these illusions?
To this strange trail of circles?
Who can say he has found what he seeks?
Only he who desires nothing is free to ponder this question
With any love.

What is Important?

Love is an awakening of spirit,
A bold light without a shadow;
A voice without bias;
The wisdom of the heart says:
“Above all else, nurture your urgency
For it’s subtle brilliance.”
Nothing else matters.
No thing.

What is important?

The sun rises in a city swollen with humanity.
I am a newcomer.
Part of me, it seems, like a doomed fly caught in amber.
Swallowed by the all consuming concrete,
Crushed by the toll of fancies and corruption,
And blinded by my own reactions,
I persevere.

Surrounded by the unchecked appetites of progress
I remember to speak the hidden language of the trees.
Amongst the traffic fumes and the ghostly bodies
I listen for the song of the warbler.

How to remain still?
How to be serious in a sea of change?
The dark, sacred night shares its essence
Like the outpouring of an intimate friend.
It offers libations to an unknown presence
Just as a delicate, solitary flower in an ancient wood
- seeking nothing in return -
Offers its unpronounced dignity to all who pass.
Its boasts a strength of purpose that can never be swayed by the wind.

As the world sleeps I watch my mood drifting; wandering; wondering…
I am denied rest by an ominous mystery:

The deep

I want to talk about the deep.
Not the deep blue sea.
Submercibles and television cameras will take you there.
Nor am I speaking of the furthest reaches of space.
Nor of deep thoughts.
They are all so shallow.
I wish to travel with you into a different dimension.

There is no path to go there.
There are serpents and bluebells along the way.
Yet they are not the purpose of the journey.

The deep is not a realm of contrasts.
One hesitates to give it a name.
Names are bridges to link what we percieve to be separate.
The deep has an unutterable sense of freedom about it.
Like a vast, brooding ocean.
Words cannot capture what is meant by 'freedom.'

The brightest promise

One thing.

The most precious thing.

Cannot be accumulated or stored away.
You can curb poverty with policy changes
and help from donors.

Poverty of the spirit is another matter.
One honest line does not promise an end to falsity.
One kind act does not mean love.
And yet both point within.
To that which is of unestimable value.


Is an extraordinary thing. With it life has tremendous possibility. Without it, the well is dry, unexplored.

The price of penny-wise wisdom

There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey.
-- John Ruskin

What is it to live, to really live?

I met a man whose example taught me that one need pass no exams to learn.
A man who reminded me, with a smile, that the word "impossible" only applies to those who choose it.
A man who had respect for his own limitations.

A man who loved.
He was wed to silence.
He assured me that she was the only maiden suitable for the serious man.

What is it to live, to really live?

It is learn to dance without end.
It is to smile without a hint of fear.
To flood the unforgiving minute with all your love.

Bury me

Bury me from head to toe
in the darkest of soil.
Let the warm acid peat engulf me.
Let me be taken into the womb
of the earth a happy corpse.

I come here not to make a stand.
Not to take anything.
I come to be still awhile.
With you.

We appear as strangers.
We appear at odds.
I come to look again.

I trust not these aging eyes
Nor the mind's sallowed vines
Their creeping limbs share only
a feast of poisoned wine.

I am faithful to the sun.
And blinded by the light.
I am poised
Close to the end of time
Reminding you we are lovers.

The fire of the heart engulfs...
The wisdom of the brave is here.
It is always here.

I hold you tight...
I know no borders.
We have no mountains to clmb.

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