A World not my own

There is the young lad laughing in the street.
Upstairs, in the cot, the old woman wonders:

“How long now?

When will I take leave of this weary body?”

I see the great divide…
Playfulness and despair.
The dark cataclysm of fear and hatred.
The bitter-sweet taste of pleasure.
All passing.

My home is within.
An immeasurable distance.

I cannot abide
Lost roaming
In vestiges
Not my Own.

I am pausing on the edge of solitude,
Dallying at the door of uncertainty,
Destroying the veil of my hidden hopes.

I am nothing without Him.

Attention unfolds like a flower…
Linking what is indivisible.

We stand overlooking infinity.
The eyes cannot sense it.
The gateway lies in the heart.
(Not the physical heart).

Some of you…
Will live to see the day
When you are free
Of that burden
you call


Most will wait lifetimes before
conviction in something else,
Something other,
Destroys you.

“How long now?”

I cannot abide this cruel dream.
Lost roaming in the vestiges of a world that is not my own.

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