Watching over you

Watching over you

You will travel far yet,
Passing through like and dislike;
Pain 'n laughter…
Each moment a prelude to eternity…

And when you despair
I am watching over you,
Knowing that no catastrophe can come between us;
Knowing I am that part of your shadow
That will never leave you.

You will leave me on a park bench in the cold…
And yet, later, in the wind, on the beach,
you will catch whispers from me:
“Beloved, dearly beloved…”

You will never be without me
And yet you hardly ever glimpse me…

When we meet again.
You will not recognize me.
Only the merging of our spirit in the smiling infinite.

As the sun leaves its golden reflection in the lake.
I have left mine in your heart.

All the days shall pass from under you
And the luminous, cloudless sky will swallow you
With buckets of fresh air.

You will die with the wisdom of the autumn leaves.
And everything you ever dreamed,
Will be extinguished by the fire
of a different longing.
You will soar, like the eagle,
over a shining kingdom.

May peace rain down on you.
You feel the teardrops of heaven in your hair?

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