For the time being I live in an apartment in a rather poor street. The layers of Indian society are many. Money differentiates you here and how harsh the lines can be. I am told that there are many more beggars in the north of India. Even so, the crowded poverty and dirt of the Indian street is a spectacle for sore eyes.

Each weekday evening the Mercedes Benz of Hyundai models comes to my door and ferries me across the city to a wealthy home. It is such a contrast.

There is a story from the rich heritage of India of the great King Janaka (janaka is one of the words for father in sanskrit). He was an enlightened man. Once a serious student came to him. He came and the king made him wait. He left him outside in the courtyard in the cold for a week. He had very little food and water and his living conditions were atrocious. The next week he invited him into outer the palace and had his servants shower him with the best of everything - food, clothes, comforts...
All of this time the king kept away - only asking his servants to report to him the demeanor of the student through these trials.

The student remained unaffected throughout - neither did he despair from the spartan misery of the first week nor was he overwhelmed nor attached to the luxury of the second. When the king heard this he invited him into the inner sanctum of the palace... for he knew that life had brought him a real student.

Everything here is challenging - food, processes, climate, time... the reflection that emerges in the mirror of experiences is ever revealing. I am living a life where there is no time to brood. Surely that is a great blessing. Do you see that principle active in your life?

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