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Arthur C Clarke is predicting when we will drop down on Mars. He sits in a wheel chair in Sri Lanka. All over the subcontinent of India and around the world poor people are praying for a better life.
And religious people pray to go to Heaven or Nirvana or Moksha or whatever you call a better place. Some say that heaven is here before our eyes but we do not see it.

Krishnamurti said that there are no problems beyond the mind. But who knows what the mind is or where it's limits lie? Without asking these questions, how else you gonna go beyond it? !

Buddha says that there is suffering and that the only way to deal with it is to face it and understand it. Go to the very roots of it.
The Buddha was a very great yogi: a man who found real happiness - something beyond the conditioned world.

Learning has it's limits. Awareness and insight are not part of learning. They transcend it. Religion cannot be learned. It flowers naturally when everything else drops away. When there is pure awareness and nothing else. You cannot come to it intellectually.

Then there is the world of shadows and pain, the world of contrasts and pleasure, the world of today and tomorrow. But none of it is real...Only the intelligence of love is real - it puts everything in its proper context.

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