No money

No money in the world can buy you certainty.
No money can buy you love.
No money can free you of your pain.

Money can help you to tell the rest of the world go to hell...
Which is a boon in itself.
At least to the wise.
In these pressured times, it is hard to be your own man.

I have met many individuals who are portraits of certain sentiments.
I have met he who is a picture of laziness;
He who is the weary face of judgment;
He who is lust: He who is anger.

All of them dwell in the mirror of my own charecter.
But he for whom the word "impossible" does not apply.
He is whom I seek.

No, seeking is the wrong word.
Seeking is a desperate act.
And love does not come from desperation.

It is he whom I sit patiently listening for;
Knowing, with utter certainty,
Though I do not always see him....
He is always with me.

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