I am not a body, I am Still as God created me !?

Is it possible though that this idea that "I am the body" is the source of all our problems? I do not think that what he is saying denies compassion for the incarnate. But it does perhaps hold a light up to the root of all their problems. It is foolish to say to a man who has broken his leg - "do not worry man, you are not a body." Compassion means to operate and give him the best medical care. But that does not preclude the practice of withdrawing the mind from the ego consciousness which cannot exist without the body and heading for samadhi which is our real state - beyond the body...

Ramakrishna used to ask for a glass of water or a cigerette when he came out of samadhi - because unlike you and I and the mass of humanity who find it very hard to be in such a state - he found it hard to be in the body - so small and tentative was his ego. The water or cigerette helped to "ground" him in the ego and the gross world of illusions. Freedom is about being free of the confines of the world and ascending to our rightful place in heaven - a place we have never left - but it is the illusion of the divided mind that says otherwise and which we cling to in fear. True freedom does not deny the world - but, with the help of the Holy Spirit, it compassionately allows us to see beyond it too. A doctor might be able to heal many diseases. But only the saint has healed the source of all diseases in himself. Even then, he might have cancer or typhoid - but, as his consciousness is not allied with the body - he is able to see these things as the play of karma and maya and not relative to the real "I." The ego's "I" would have us believe we are limited to the body and the brain - and it is ALWAYS a prison - a place of pain, pleasure, self-pity and problems - never is their joy or truth to be found there. The real "I" is boundless - it knows "I am presence" - and there is no limit to the compassion potential in such a state - because then you are not separate from anyone. But as long as you see yourself confined to the body and the world - such insight is merely a strange philosophical idea and there can be no transformation or healing. We are the Christ - but our thought forms bar us from awakening to that truth. The Christ is the essence, the spirit in every atom of creation - it is the light that the body's eyes cannot see. Only the mind that has gone past the pairs of opposites can be related to it's real nature in Christ.

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