Whispers to my Beloved

You, my beloved.
You are my twin, my father, my daughter
I see you are everyone to me.
The seed of endless forests.
The welcomed shade on a hot afternoon.
Great lover of the falling rain.
At times you sport the mask of a stranger.
Later, you are a good and trusted friend.
At other moments you feign to persecute me.
Now, I am no different.

When I look beyond the body’s eyes,
I see we are One Self united.
I see we consecrate the sacred ring.
We cradle the hope of the world and heal the great divide.

We are the wedding of all that must be celebrated.
I am the quiet presence forever embracing you.
And you are the quiet presence forever embracing me.

There is only I am.
I am being.
I am spirit.

Everything else is a dream about a caged bird.
The eagle that soars on thermal currents knows better.
Close the doors to the darkness.
Come to that state of knowing beyond
The world’s tired senses.

Beloved, when you are gripped by fear, remember me holding you
And the angels that protect us?
Whatever threat looms ominous on the horizon of your thoughts?
Greet it with the undaunted sunlight of what life treasures in you.
And walk out of the shadow-lands.
Walk free, of the twisted memory of what you have dreamed yourself to be.
And as you wake?

And as you wake, as your mind adjusts to the light,
Be open.

Be open to the ocean of happiness.
Be open to that formless realm where peace has its home.
Be open to the kingdom of certainty.

A part of you will remain where the only certainty is uncertainty:
Still, as you linger there awhile,
Look for that thread of mystery and inner purpose.
It remains strong and undaunted.
And there you will find me.
And in me the reflection of what I am shall no more
Be lost.

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