We all want to be Loved

We all want to be loved,
And to tell the truth, I want to love you.

It is strange how happiness strikes us.
The other day I was sitting in a classroom.
A little child was next to me.
I was helping her with coloring.
And I started crying.
I was totally overcome...
Engulfed by happiness.

Sometimes it baffles me why people jump out of
airplanes or torture themselves running needless

Other times I find myself so distant,
so completely away from anything and everyone...
Barely in the world even.
Yet very much at home.

I was born into a loving family.
I have traveled more than most.
Though my heart is full of a great melancholy for the world,
Wherever I roam there is space enough for laughter.
I have studied my faults and made that my major.
I have had brothers, not of blood,
But of mind and heart.
Yet in all my life there is nothing that amounts to anything...
Only my search for Him.

Without wisdom I suffocate.
We are no different, you and I.
Every original man would be a non-conformist.
Every happy man has dropped all his plans
And followed his awareness out.
Out to pasture in the unlimited unknown.

Do nothing and we are inseparable.
We all meet in the cave of aloneness;
Where time ends...
And the desire to be loved or to love
is realized.

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