A Poem for Morning

There is an ancient song that heals us all.
Names cannot encompass it.
Though I have heard it called many things:
"The rhythm of Silence",
"The Song of songs",
"Herald of the One dawn."

It is sung by a pied piper with a thousand flutes.
All illusions cease in its presence.
It knows no order of difficulty.

There is but one illusion really.
We think we are lost,
We believe that we lack something.
But, nothing could be further from the truth.
The song is there to remind us of our reality;
Our infinite abundance.

Once, there was a King who loved all his subjects as himself.
He sort to serve them as a loyal servant seeks to serve his master.
There was once a Queen who loved as much and who sort to serve
her subjects with the same depth and purity of intent.

You are that King.
You are that Queen.
Your Kingdom is without borders;
Your love: without restriction.

The world of forms is but a passing dream.
Some believe - mistakenly -that there are only nobles where there is land...
Where there is perception and the intricacies of nature.
Yet, this is an unworthy and groundless belief.
…a sad and lonely belief…
It cannot last the night.

The only kingdom fitting of your nobility stretches far beyond all stars,
Beyond time and space.
It is a realm of light and beauty.
It is everywhere and nowhere.

For a while, there are those who sleep in forgetfulness,
In a land of changes.
But, through you, all dreams and slumber, all limits,
all doubt...shall forever be cast asunder.

Where you wander there is no place for fear to root itself.
There are no tears...no lasting ones...but those of rapture and joy.

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