I came upon Love dying in the summer sun.

left the land of men and the weary night.
Behind... dropped the examinations,
the expectations;
waved goodbye to indifference.
left the churches;
the praise and folly of moments passed.

left the music and the masks.
Like a ghost,I passed through the world unheard;
The dead came at times to cheer me on.
I thought I saw glimpses of a different light.

Then one day I came upon Love.
She lay dying in the summer sun.
Her face was uglier and more terrible than anything
ever seen.
Her hair was spoiled and ragged.
The flies buzzed around her head.
In her, sorrow seemed to have found a bed.

Something moved me to take her hand and hold
It comfortingly.
I asked her how she was.
"I am dying."She said
"Dying for you."
"Why would you die for me?" I asked.

"Because that is my nature.
You seeing me here, so wretched and courting death,
Will be so moved you shall give up the last resistance
In you and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to me.

You see, I cannot die.
Yet you have waited so long for me;
Hungered so completely for me;
I had to appear in a form that would haunt you to your
very core.
If I came to you as a beautiful maiden,
It could be dangerous.
You would compare me to all other women and there
would be no Love in that.
Only heartless measuring of one against another.

If I came to you as a stream of light you might be
scared and mistrusting; or intimidated.
You would put me on a pedestal in your mind and
worship me as an ideal.
yeah I am everywhere.
and idealism can only corrupt the beauty hiding in the

If I came to you as an innocent child,
It might be hard for you to see that I was wholly
Free of anger or delusion.

No, this way is best.
For a while you will find it hard not to pity me.
You will question how I can be love.
How something so helpless, so frail and vulnerable, so
twisted and tragic could be the seed that turns you around.
How could there be love hiding in such a withering,
pathetic form?

But, when you see Love in me,
When you come upon the truth about me,
Beyond thinking...
You will come upon the truth of every thing.

You will see me everywhere.
My very essence will speak to you from all corners of
the world,
And it shall flow through everything you do.
For it will overcome your being and you...
will not
recognize yourself."

Saying this, she disappeared,
Leavin a light,
That can't be seen.

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