I am the End of Journeys


Can you let your fears go?
Can you step out the door of the house of all you know?

I am the blind man on a busy train being guided to a seat by a kind stranger.
I am the kind stranger.

I am the melting heart falling for the beautiful girl.
I am the sadness that cloaks the hidden meaning I have been seeking.

Can you sit alone and not feel deprived?
Can you look back on all that has happened with an easy smile?

I am the end of the road, ...where it draws deep breaths from the ocean breeze,
I am the long day just now dawning.
I am the end of journeys where all change comes to a natural end.

the start of someting without end.
something that calls out to you in moments of deep uncertainty.

Can you join me in the secret garden?
Join me where we are one with the blue dawn...

and I am lost
in the avenues of the mind.
At least that is what I have lead myself to believe.

I am here to unlearn all influence...
here to distance myself from the idea that I am body or mind.

Quiet is the hush of realization.
It descends with blessings upon he who is ready to heed the lessons of the
Heart that links all.

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