A Cry in the Dark

A Cry in the Dark

Through the winding cypress trees that lead down to the brooding expanse of blue...
Along the train tracks that convey the city folk to their place of work...
Down the ages, tossing and turning
after the midnight hour,
the threshold of many dreams...
Caught in the shrill wail of island winds,
Winds that are close and others far off....
speaking of long sea voyages
Midst all these passageways
comes a cry in the dark.

I am lost and do not know my place in this world.
I am asking, like a wounded soldier, if there is a place I might rest.
If there is something to heal my tired frame...
Some answer to my question.
Some light to clear the darkness of its rude insistence.

I do not put too much faith in temples or churches...
I do not see wisdom in the loneliness that captivates me.
and for that insight I am grateful.
It is slowly destroying me.
Undoing my clutches on the mundane story that I have come to shed.

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